About Us

Our goal is to make secure email better by making it:

To meet that goal, we offer tools and services to help email administrators set up secure email systems, verify and tune them, require them to use security, and monitor them.

As part of formal security policy, our Services can help you easily and inexpensively meet your regulatory requirements for email security. No need for expensive and complicated email gateway devices when simple test and verify will do.

We hope you find CheckTLS helpful, and we appreciate any feedback.

Our Policies

IP Addresses and Domains

See this FAQ for the IP addresses from which CheckTLS tests are made. Customers may wish to whitelist or otherwise allow our IP addresses through their firewalls.

CheckTLS contacts you and sends test results from email addresses in the @CheckTLS.com domain. You may wish to add CheckTLS.com to your email whitelist, especially since test results often look like SPAM to your computers.

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3539 Holly Lane
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
+1.513.549.4TLS (Main)

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About the TLS Protocol

TLS (Transport Layer Security) and its predecessor SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) are cryptographic protocols that secure communications over networks such as the Internet. TLS and SSL encrypt the data sent over the network so it is unreadable by anyone but the two ends of the connection.

More information about TLS can be found at: